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Tile Services

Bravo6 Tile & Stone provides high-end, custom tile and stone installations, specializing in curbless, age-in-place showers, and full wet rooms, that are safe, and maintenance free, as well as large open natural stone floors with reinforced state-of-the-art uncoupling membranes meant to support natural stone over plywood, preventing cracks and damage to the grout and stones.

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Tile & Stone Installation

Tile is one of the world's oldest building materials, and for good reason. A quality tile installation from Bravo6 Tile & Stone can last a lifetime, providing durability, unique elegance and dutiful service.

Tile & Stone can be used to make a statement in your bathroom, kitchen, entry way, patio, whole-house floor, and even as an accent wall in great room. 

The possibilities of beauty and are endless!


Barrier-free "Curbless" Showers

Ditch that curb and the small mosaic tile in your shower pan, and all that extra grout and cleaning, too!

By utilizing Rapid Recess - a structural stainless steel bracket system, Bravo6 Tile & Stone can drop your shower floor down and hand craft a thin-bed mud shower pan, and install Large Format Tile flowing from your floor right into your shower pan, with no barriers.

Ultra modern, ultra safe, and it adds real value to your property.

Modern Bathroom

Maintenance Free Wet Rooms

Taking a holistic design approach to your entire bathroom, Bravo6 Tile & Stone will engineer an entire "wet room" - where the waterproof envelope extends out of the shower and covers the entire floor plan.

This cuts down on the need for curbs, and excessive glass.

And by using porcelain tiles with a .5% absorption rate, or less, and state-of-the-art non-cement grouts, you will enjoy a lifetime of service and elegance, with no maintenance required.


Some Recent Projects

Parallel Lines

Dean Lancaster, Bainbridge Island, WA

"..given the various challenges, I'm sure this job took longer than expected, but I was very pleased that Kris maintained his commitment to "doing it right".
He didn't cut corners. He answered our questions, was responsive with the feedback, and collaborated with us in finding solutions.
We are absolutely thrilled with our finished bathrooms. Their esthetic appeal is due, in large part to Kris' skill and talent."
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What does "Bravo6" Mean?


"Bravo6" was my call-sign for much of my first combat deployment in in Northern Iraq, in 2007.  The numerical designator indicates the position of the person assigned to that call sign in the fire-team's hierarchy, and "6" was me, the Radio Operator.


"Bravo6" is relatively unique to me, and it pays homage to where I became a man - the experiences that have made me who I am; and it's a loud gesture for other veterans not to hide, but to embrace and show their abilities and their scars, together - to rise from the ashes.


"Bravo6" gives anyone and everyone a very clear indicator of what kind of person they will be welcoming into their home, and dedicated weeks (or months) of craft inside of it.

Tile is my art.


Tile is my outlet, and my creative way to use my unique skill sets together, with my mind and my hands and my passion, to create something that will outlive myself and my customers, and is unique. Tile allows me to literally create from nothing - to balance out the years of destruction I arose from. 


And I would love nothing more than to share that experience with you. 


 - Kris Blanchard




My Name is Kris Blanchard

I am an expert in the technical, theoretical, and applied skill of tile and stone installations.


I have spent the last 12 years in the construction industry, gaining broad experiences from multiple trades and positions, as an employee, an owner and General Contractor, a manufacturer's sales and technical rep, a materials provider, and back again to running the ship and doing daily installations at Bravo6 Tile & Stone, LLC. 


I have spent 5 years providing technical and sales training and hands-on classes all over the west coast (and some in Canada) to contractors and sales partners, covering a myriad of products and techniques, as well as supporting tile industry events, and building a vast network of industry professionals and contractors across the country. 

I currently am involved in many different tile & stone industry outfits, and regularly organize and manage events designed to bring customers, contractors, distributors, and manufacturers together. 

I harness my connections and extensive expert knowledge of the tile and stone industry, as well as building practices, and design elements, to hand craft spacious, barrier-free, zero maintenance wet rooms for my clients. These often include substantial structural modifications, total envelope waterproofing, mud work, advanced tile installation procedures and systems, and state-of-the-art grout that doesn't absorb or fade. 

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Advanced Training for Installers - Non-Profit

The Hybrid & Advanced Systems Installation Event

Kris Blanchard also initiated a new street-level advanced hands on training event idea, with other industry partners on the board, and created THASIE Group, Inc. - Click Here for more information about this revolutionary industry event designed to train contracts, installers, and designers on emerging and advanced methods and concepts.

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